1. William Ryan Fritch
  2. Claire Deak
    Melbourne, Australia
  3. From the Mouth of the Sun
  4. Black Baptist
    Tucson, Arizona
  5. Lavatone
    Amarillo, Texas
    Athens, Ohio
  7. Drawing Virtual Gardens
    Brussel, Belgium
  8. Skyphone
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. The Eagle Stone Collective
    Albi, France
  10. Wickerbird
    Seattle, Washington
  11. The Phonometrician
    Los Angeles, California
  12. Aaron Martin
    Topeka, Kansas
  13. Alder & Ash
    Montreal, Québec
  14. federico mosconi
  15. 't Geruis
  16. sanr
  17. mastroKristo
    Athens, Greece
  18. Alapastel
    Trenčín, Slovakia
  19. Tony Dupé
    Melbourne, Australia
  20. Gallowglas
  21. Claire Deak & Tony Dupé
    Melbourne, Australia
  22. Sailcloth
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  23. Mt Went
  24. Several Wives
    London, UK
  25. yadayn
    Brussels, Belgium
  26. Microwolf
    Tilburg, Netherlands
  27. Mute Forest
  28. Western Skies Motel
  29. Seabuckthorn
  30. Spheruleus
    Lincolnshire, UK
  31. Luton
  32. MALK
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  33. Gavin Miller
    Bradford, UK
  34. The Green Kingdom
    Shelby Township, Michigan
  35. kj
    New York, New York
  36. Benoît Pioulard
    Brooklyn, New York
  37. part timer
    Melbourne, Australia
  38. Graveyard Tapes
    Edinburgh, UK
  39. Ellis Swan
    Chicago, Illinois
  40. Pollution Salute
    Tucson, Arizona
  41. Tokyo Bloodworm
    Tucson, Arizona
  42. Corrado Maria De Santis


Lost Tribe Sound Wisconsin

Lost Tribe Sound is a record label that specializes in organic and exploratory sound. Admiring music that leaves its tattered edges proudly in place, acoustic instrumentation blended seamlessly with dirty mechanics, timeworn sound worlds rooted in the muck and the mire of the present. ... more

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